Steel Windows Surrey

Steel Windows Surrey

Your exterior windows are an important feature of your property which adds to its character. Jennyfields produce beautiful, elegant steel windows for clients across Surrey, based on the premise that steel has been used in window frames for over 150 years. Historic buildings across the world have steel windows which have stood the test of time.

Steel windows are recognised for four of their core competencies, the first being their strength. Three times stronger than modern aluminium frames and far stronger than wood, steel windows can accommodate large panes of heavy glass without showing sightlines.

Steel windows are also highly durable, proven by the fact that steel windows which were installed in Surrey over 60 years ago are still in use today and look just as good now as they did the day they were made. These days, energy efficiency is hugely important, with the world under pressure to reduce our carbon footprint and the energy bills of homeowners everywhere. Steel windows contain heat and sound far more effectively than aluminium and wood, with different glazing options offering increased performance.

Our steel windows are timeless; they look as good today as they did 150 years ago and will most certainly outlast their wood and aluminium counterparts. No matter how old your property is, steel windows are suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes and Jennyfields will install new steel windows anywhere in Surrey which complement your property’s character whilst incorporating modern technology.

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